Hi folks,
we are about to play the first shows this year and there will be more news in the next weeks, so stay tuned!



Hi there,
just had a great weekend with shows in Gladbach and Fulda. Thanks to the great people we met there, especially Tear Them Down, Knifefight and Henri Parker. It was a pleasure sharing the stage with you! We're also looking forward to come to the north in October. We'll kep you posted.



Hello People,
hope you're all enjoying your summers out there. We surely do. The famous Wahrschauer Punkrock-Fanzine has published an Interview with us in the latest issue. Find it here. Also, Moloko Plus has reviewed our EP. The feedback leads us to simple math: 6.5 is almost 7, 7 is really close to 9 and 9 infact is ten, concluding: these people really like us. What's more? Well, check out our Shows-section. We have two shows on 12/9 and 13/9 in Gladbach and Fulda. Looking forward to meeting new people there!

So long, t f n f



Hi again,
check out another review by asking us the most relevant question: Is this still punk? Watch our short video coverage from Magdeburg to decide for yourself or move on to other quests in your life. Cheers, TNFF



Well, well,well, it's been some time...We had a great night in Magdeburg at Cafe Central. Thanks again to Steffen and all the great people who joined us there. Also, meanwhile we got some quite charming reviews. According to these, our EP shows that "we are ready to record an album" (Plastic Bomb). Also, we are writing "great melodies with excellent work on the guitars" (Underdog Fanzine). Glad to hear that. Cheers, HRTLND

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As a collective of four guys with most different backgrounds, heartland is our forum to express our love and passion for punk rock music. We believe that music is the best way to express our thoughts and emotions. The sounds of guitars, drums and a bass guitar merging into a few minutes of music are a powerful force for us to stand the ever-returning fuck-ups of the world. In pursuing our music, we don’t give a shit about any musical intolerances, social constraints and religious dogmas. We fight racist, sexist, homophobe, neo-colonial shit-thinking wherever we face it.

Our lyrical input comes from what moves us in our everyday-lives, sometimes personal thoughts, sometimes political thoughts and often just plain hate. We have all been active in different musical projects – from a small acoustic set-up to Hardcore and Rock’n’Roll-Bands. heartland has become our home to return to when we just want to play some great punk rock.

If you were directed to this website because you have been looking for some horse ranch or some foundation putting money into climate-change negating retarded politics, you have finally reached your destination! Let the sound manipulate your mind! By the way, if you ever wondered why a punk band chooses the name of a stupid horse ranch, read the books by Joey Goebel.


"These four guys know how to play their instruments and their songs prove that they are ready for a long player." (Plastic Bomb)
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"Inner strength makes you feel good in Heartland and that's what stays." (Underdog Fanzine)
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Date Venue On stage with Link
26.06.2015 Boot, Paderborn Call me on Friday,
The Djuks, Rivershores
Facebook event
08.07.2015 Campusfest, Universität Vechta TBA

If you want to book us for a show, write us an email.


We've recorded this stuff in different sessions throughout the year. Most of this was captured in our rehearsal room. However, we owe big cheers to our buddies at A-Park Recording for being so patient with a drunkard pretending to be a drummer. Also big thx to Marius for mixing the stuff and Role at Tonmeisterei for the mastering process.


released 28th February 2014

Guitar & Vocals: Nicolas Kuhlenkamp
Guitars & Vocals: Tobias Zehe
Bass & Vocals: Frederik Iven
Drums: Florian Riekschnietz




Heartland - People without history@Cafe Central Magdeburg

Heartland - Dead to Me

Pictures of shows, practices and memories



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